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A better way to drive direct bookings

Curacity’s technology turns editorial content into bookings.

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“Attribution has always been incredibly difficult to prove in the hotel industry. Curacity has finally cracked the code!”

– Kris Altman, VP of Marketing, Avocet Hospitality

More Direct Bookings, Less Hassle


Revenue Generated For Hotels


Premium Hotel Partners


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Your most effective guest acquisition channel

Curacity guests spend an average of 37% more* per night on rooms than the typical hotel guest.


*Sample of 25 hotels over 12 months

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Case Study

How Curacity helped the Malibu Beach Inn drive direct revenue growth

The Malibu Beach Inn, a luxury resort in southern California, partnered with Curacity to increase their occupancy rate and grow their revenue during Spring 2021.

The Results

  • 6.7mm+ Impressions
  • 463 New Bookings
  • $915k + Incremental Revenue

“Our experience in looking at Curacity’s data as a way of enabling top-of-the-funnel marketing—the previously unmeasurable—to be a scalable and measurable part of the revenue mix has been phenomenal.”

– Gregory Day, VP of Marketing, Malibu Beach Inn

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