Curacity has earned over 600 hotels more than $625MM in incremental revenue.

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What is Curacity?

Curacity is a guest acquisition platform. We’re the first among hotel software companies to maximize revenue potential by helping you reach beyond the small segment of travelers planning to visit your destination.

Talk to us about how Curacity drives incremental bookings by targeting the 82% of travelers still dreaming about their next trip.

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Curacity Success Stories

Viceroy Hotel Group

Discover how Curacity has driven over $2.9MM in incremental revenue for this luxury group's portfolio worldwide.

Malibu Beach Inn

Learn how we drove 30 incremental bookings per month for this upscale boutique hotel on Malibu's iconic Carbon Beach.

Paradise Point San Diego

Find out how this private 44-acre island earned a 13x ROI leveraging Instagram creators.

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