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Curacity is a guest acquisition platform on a mission to help you reach new, higher-value guests. We're the first among travel technology companies to maximize revenue potential by helping you engage millions of travelers at the point of inspiration: through content in the world's best media brands.

Our introductory video will give you a quick, 45-second overview of the Curacity platform. Keep reading below for answers to our frequently asked questions.


What is Curacity?

Curacity is a hospitality technology company. Our product, the world’s leading guest acquisition platform, enables hotels to attribute revenue to brand marketing.

What does Curacity do?

Curacity partners with 40+ travel and lifestyle media brands, including AFAR, Food & Wine, and Travel + Leisure to feature your hotel in newsletters that reach millions of these outlets’ most engaged subscribers. Because subscribers have signaled affinity by signing up for emails from these media brands, the content we facilitate (and measure) is proven to inspire guests to spend more and stay longer at our partner hotels.

What is brand marketing, why is it important, and why is it so hard to measure?

Brand marketing is a strategic approach focusing on building and promoting a hotel’s unique identity, reputation, and recognition among its potential guests. 

Brand marketing is vital in building awareness for hotels to stand out in a competitive market and attract higher-value guests. Common tactics include video production, blogging, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and public relations. 

It is challenging to directly attribute specific bookings or revenue to brand marketing because guests may interact with multiple touchpoints over long periods before making bookings. Curacity is changing that through our proprietary attribution technology that shows you how content in the world’s best media brands translates to bookings.

How do you describe what Curacity does in five steps?

  1. Content Collection. Curacity allows you to share key messages, fact sheets, and high-resolution photos of your property.
  2. Content Creation. Curacity partners with 40 lifestyle media brands to create content about your hotel, shared in email newsletters that go to each outlet’s most engaged subscribers.
  3. Inspiration. Curacity-facilitated content inspires millions of potential guests whose media brand affiliations make them likely to spend more and stay longer.
  4. Attribution. Curacity’s conversion API integrates with most major PMS systems, identifying completed stays catalyzed by Curacity-facilitated content. Curacity shares an itemized list of conversions with the hotel for billing and auditing purposes.
  5. Reporting. Curacity shares booking results and proprietary insights with hotels within their unique dashboard view.

Why can’t my marketing or PR team do what Curacity does?

  1. Curacity has developed proprietary attribution technology. We’re the only platform to attribute downstream bookings to content in the world’s best media brands.
  2. Curacity ensures ROI-driven content. All mentions of your hotel in Curacity-facilitated newsletters are substantial pieces of content featuring your property’s unique selling points and high-res images, giving your potential guests the information they need to get inspired to book at your property. With Curacity, you always get more than a cursory media mention.
  3. Curacity requires no pitching. With 40 media brand partnerships, Curacity eliminates the manual work of featuring your hotel in the world’s best media brands.

What’s the difference between Curacity and public relations?

Public relations is the professional maintenance of a favorable public image for your brand. PR includes many aspects, including crisis management, event planning, and media relations.

Curacity's guest acquisition platform helps automate the time and effort of one aspect of PR: generating publicity (mentions about your hotel in the media).

We work with 40+ media brand partners to include your hotel in their newsletters, highlighting your high-res images, unique selling points, and a link to your website with no heavy lifting on your end.

Unlike traditional PR, Curacity gives you greater control over what gets published. Most importantly, our proprietary attribution technology measures the bookings and revenue from the content, which no agency or consultant can provide.

What’s the difference between Curacity and affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is considered “paid” media and is a form of advertising. All forms of paid media are clearly marked as advertising or sponsored content, and today’s savvy consumers understand these are not necessarily trusted recommendations.

Curacity allows hotels to leverage the power of “earned” media, where media brands maintain journalistic integrity about what is or is not published. A mention in any of Curacity’s media brand partners offers the hotel a trusted, third-party endorsement.

Data Privacy

Why does Curacity require data from my hotel?

Curacity’s proprietary attribution technology requires data from our hotel customers and media brand partners to match guest bookings and validate the downstream bookings and revenues inspired by our content.

Hundreds of hospitality brands, including global hotel chains, trust Curacity to securely process their data.

As a “Data Processor,” Curacity uses data solely for the purpose of performance reporting and calculating commission as outlined in our contract. We do not use your data for any other reason. We do not retarget, remarket, or reuse your guest data in any other way, period. 

Curacity obtained a SOC 2 Type 1 report on December 8, 2023. An author reviewed and approved our systems and validated they meet the SOC Trust Services Criteria.

How do I share my data with Curacity?

  1. A direct connection via Curacity’s secure API to your hotel’s property management system (PMS).
  2. A secure, manual upload to our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) environment.

Curacity obtained a SOC 2 Type 1 report on December 8, 2023. An author reviewed and approved our systems and validated they meet the SOC Trust Services Criteria.

How does Curacity protect my data?

Curacity keeps your data secure by using access control, cryptographic hash functions to anonymize guest emails, encryption, and endpoint protection in Microsoft Cloud.

Curacity obtained a SOC 2 Type 1 report on December 8, 2023. An author reviewed and approved our systems and validated they meet the SOC Trust Services Criteria.

How does Curacity store my data?

Curacity permanently deletes all hotel data after performing the obligations under our agreement.

Curacity obtained a SOC 2 Type 1 report on December 8, 2023. An author reviewed and approved our systems and validated they meet the SOC Trust Services Criteria.

Reporting & Billing

How does Curacity measure performance?

The Curacity platform matches confidential, encrypted emails from the media brand’s distribution list with the hotel’s booking data to identify matches. 

What is the attribution window?

Curacity has the ability to match bookings between the date that a guest opens a Curacity-facilitated newsletter (start date) to the date they reserve a stay at your hotel (end date). The applicable period for each hotel is outlined in their Curacity agreement.

When is the commission on attributed bookings due?

Curacity bills monthly, after completed stays for first-time guests only.

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